MADE IN THE USA Displayed are all the parts that make up the Bernie Bergmann High Flow Fan Kit
  • Fiberglass Shroud, Paint Grade
  • 110 Amp Alternator, Internal Regulator
  • Heavy Duty Alternator Cable
  • 12 Blade Aircraft Aluminum Fan
  • Serpentine Belt Fan Pulley
  • Serpentine Belt, NAPA #050316
  • Oil Cooler By-Pass Plate with Gasket, Mounting Hardware
  • Fuel Pump Block-Off Plate, Gasket
  • 45 Brass Fitting for Oil Pressure Sender
  • Large Aluminum Ring with 4 Air Channeling Support Posts
  • Ring and Alternator Stand with Oil Filler Tube
  • Dual Bearing Idler Pulley with Mounting Bracket and Hardware
  • Crankshaft Serpentine Belt Pulley with Chrome Bolt and Washer
  • Wide Stainless Steel Ring-Alternator Straps with Installation Hardware
  • Simple Electrical Diagram for Alternator Connections
  • Photographed Installation Instructions
Just a brief inside of what is involved in producing this kit:

Over the past 16 years, we have learned manufacturing 440 kits at a time, is the most efficient and economical way.
You see, when ordering 400 pieces from US foundries that have our molds, they always allow a 10% over run. We could receive 420 or 432 or 440 of each item. For this reason, we plan 440 kits manufacturing. We CNC machine about 55% ourselves (I attended classes learning how to program CNC Machines with MASTERCAM software, graduating February 2000) the rest is sub contracted out to a well equipped CNC machine shop.
With parts ordering from the foundries, shipping, machining, ceramic coating, balancing, assembling, packaging etc. etc. we can produce about 110 kits per month.
Considering the fact that these kits are shipped world wide, as soon as we finish some 440 kits, it is time to start the next 440 kits.
At times, the US Foundries and Aluminum Suppliers may contact us and offer a special price.
For example: We purchase 5" diameter Solid Aluminum Bars, 12 feet long which are sawed into two inch pieces for the 12 Blade Fan Pulleys and Crankshaft pulleys.
If we purchased enough material for 2600 pulleys, the discount with FREE shipping and reduced price for sawing, savings could be $5600.00. With this quantity, we would receive a discount from the subcontracted CNC Machine Shop and the Total savings could add up to $8000.00
However, even with these savings, as with everything else in this World, PRICES are going up.

Here are a few photos showing some of the CNC Machines from the sub-contracted CNC Machine shop.
C.M. Machine Shop, 560 S. Grand Ave. San Jacinto, CA 92582 ph: (951) 654-6019
Owner: Mr. Carmel Tomoni
Photos below display some manufacturing details of High Flow Fan kits

Displayed: Hundreds of Chevy Alternators-110 Amp-ready to be CNC machined-modified to fit into the large
Aluminum Ring

  Alternator Shaft Alternator Top  
Alternator top cover being modified to fit into the large aluminum ring
Alternator shaft held in fixture cutting a slot for the Wood-Ruff Key
Hundreds of Alternator wire harnesses being modified before connecting to the Alternator
Alternator installed into the Ring-WEDGEMATED Fit
Production Assembly: Alternators installed into Rings
Here you see a stack of 774 large aluminum rings, machined on a HAAS SL-30 CNC LATHE. These rings had already been individually packaged, ready for assembly. We decided to unpack them and carefully stacked them in one pile and then take a photo of them. By the time we were ready, the sun had moved behind the shop building, casting a shadow on the front row of rings. (Just to explain the darkness of them) By midnight all rings had been repackaged and put in place.
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