Now here is a sight you don't see very often, 330 Fans, ceramic coated, polished to a lustrous finish, serpentine fan belt pulley installed-Ready for Balancing
Here fans are BALANCED to equal 9000 Engine RPM
Just like Buns in the oven-60 units assembled and ready for packaging
Hundreds of Ring-Alternator Stands partially CNC machined
First step machining the Stand: Bottoms are machined flat to a specific depth, 4 mounting holes plus a hole drilled and tapped for the alignment bolt.
The stand is clamped down by an air vise for quick load and unload. The vise itself is bolted to a 300 lbs. cast iron table. The table has air pockets machined underneath and with a foot operated air valve when activated makes the table super light and floats on air like a feather. Using a piloted countersink cutter makes for effotless alignment and machining.
Holes are countersunk to a preset depth. When the stand is positioned on top of the engine case, it will expose 1/2" of the original four alternator stand studs. Stand can now be bolted to the case with four nuts and washers, leaving enough clearance for the large aluminum ring.
We have two identical fixture plates holding six stands each, fitted with steel dowel pins for accurate repositioning in the three vises.
While 6 stands are being machined, the second fixture plate is unloaded and then reloaded with 6 new stands, ready to be machined. It only takes 15 seconds changing the fixture plate, hit the CYCLE START BUTTON and another 6 stands are being machined.
Here we machine the oil filler extension. Surface the top and machine the internal thread. Again, we have two identical fixture plates for quick loading and unloading the stands.
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