Engines using the Dog House or 36HP Shroud, supporting the EMPI Hex Bar with Lubricated Spherical Bearings is very, very simple.
Remove the Ball End Bolts from the Hex Bar and replace them with the Modified Bolts, reusing the two locking nuts.
Remove the White Plastic Liner from the Top Metal Carb Plates and install the Bearing Holder with Bearing in place. Now GREASE the Bearing Holder 95% and slide in the original Tension Springs.
If the Hex Bar is now to long, whatever you need to cut off to shorten it, cut EQUAL amounts from each end.
Reinstall the Hex Bar and original linkage parts and you are done. I suggest once more Synchronizing the carburetors and linkage.
Enjoy a whole new driving experience.


Part No:  113…EMPI Stock Bearing Linkage Kit...$78.95  plus shipping


Now, lets take a look at the CB Performance Linkage modifications, supporting the Hex Bar with Lubricated Spherical Bearings, and making it work with the High Flow Fan Kits.

Step ONE: The top plates are the originals. The bottom plates have been modified, cutting off the linkage support tower. Grind away any excess left over material from the plates and switch them around from 1+2 to 3+4 and 3+4 to 1+2, this will expose the uncut portion of the plates.

Step TWO: The modified top steel plates are shipped to you with the bearings installed. Sandwich the top steel plates with two new gaskets, and reinstall the top modified aluminum plate. Reinstall the velocity stacks, air filter, etc. or you could install the 18" or 191/2" air cleaner kit.



Here is the whole kit: 4 gaskets, two Metal Linkage Plates, Bearings installed, a new Hex Bar with modified End Bolts, two new tension springs and 8 top carburetor bolts, 1/2" longer than the originals for ease of installation. Fill the bearings with 95% with grease and you know the rest.

Part No:  114…CB Performance Bearing Linkage Kit...$128.95  plus shipping


Available end of January 2014.
Engines with Dog House Shrouds, a modified CB Performance Carburetor Linkage Kit. Hex Bar supported with Lubricated Spherical Bearings. No cutting, No boring, No drilling, No tapping, No nothing. A very simple Bolt-On Kit...$98.95 plus shipping.

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