If your engine is fitted with Dual Webers 40-44s IDF, or Dellorto Carbs or Dual Throttle Body Fuel Injection, then please go to your engine and take a hold of the long HEX BAR, connected to the top linkage plates.  Chances are your Hex Bar has some play, some more and some less. 
You can use a uni-syn gauge and synchronize your Carbs to perfection, but as soon as you put your foot on the gas pedal, your carbs are out of sync.  It must drive you crazy.
That is why some individuals will say: I hate Dual Carbs, you always have to adjust them and they never seem to work right.  It is not the Dual Carbs, but the loose Hex Bar CONNECTIONS.
The ONLY-ONLY-ONLY way both Carbs will function properly, is supporting each end of the Hex Bar
with Lubricated Spherical Bearings.......PROBLEM SOLVED, PERIOD !!


The photos below will show you STEP by STEP how we modify the EMPI and CB PERFORMANCE Carburetor Linkages, supporting the Long Hex Bar with Lubricated Spherical Bearings.
Modifications not only for the High Flow Fan Kits, but also for linkages used with regular Dog House Shrouds, 36HP Shrouds and stock metal cooling fans.


TOP plates are the originals from the EMPI Linkage kit.  The BOTTOM Plates are NEW and as you can see are MODIFIED, placing the Hex Bar behind the High Flow Fan Housing ALL OTHER Linkage Parts remain the same.

Part No:  110 ..High Flow Metal Carb Plates…$58.00 a pair, plus shipping

668 New Modified Steel Top Carb Plates Manufactured in Temecula CA, USA

Here you see the whole Enchilada, modifying your EMPI Linkage to fit the High Flow Fan Shroud and supporting the Hex Bar with Lubricated Spherical Bearings.  It is not as complicated as it looks! 
The bottom Hex Bar and attached BALL NOSE BOLT is a part of the original EMPI Linkage.
The Hex Bar above shows how we modified the ball end, machining it to a shaft and how it can now slide into the Bearing. This is a very snug fit and requires a drop of oil. 
The Bearing itself is press fit into the Bearing Holder. The bearing holder, with the Bearing installed, will now be Press Fit into the Top Carb Plate. Now fill the Bearing Holder with Grease (95% full), insert the original tension spring and reinstall the Hex Bar and related Linkage pieces. That is it!!
You will now enjoy driving your car with synchronized Carburetors and SYNCHRONIZED LINKAGE.


Here are the parts needed to support the EMPI Hex Bar with Ball Joint Steel Bearings, reusing all other original linkage parts.

Part No:  111…EMPI High Flow Bearing Conversion..$148.95  plus shipping


Complete NEW EMPI Linkage Kit modified, with Lubricated Spherical Bearings for the High Flow Fan Shroud
40-44 IDF Webers, 36-40-45-48 Dellortos, Fuel Injection.

Part No:  112.. EMPI High Flow Bearing Linkage Kit…$249.95  plus shipping


Here it is!! A modified EMPI linkage, hex bar supported with Lubricated Spherical Bearings.
A pefect fit for the High Flow Shroud.
Top Quality – A truly functional Linkage that will keep the Carbs in Sync.


Close-up view: how the modified EMPI Linkage fits No:  1 and 2 cylinder side.


Close-up view: how the modified EMPI Linkage fits on No: 3 and 4 cylinder side.


We made simple brackets for the Carb's pull back springs.

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