SPLIT WINDOWS or OVAL WINDOW Beetles have a small space engine compartment.
Installing a Stroker Engine with 5.5" Rods, Dual Webers and a Dog House Shroud is a frustrating task. The carburetor idle mixture screws are crushed against the fender walls.
Changing the spark plugs, retightening the manifolds is almost impossible. At times, due to the tight fit, the carbs and manifolds are knocked loose, leaning out the fuel mixture and BINGO, the engine is ready for an expensive overhaul! After reinstalling the engine, nothing has changed and it could happen again.
Believe it or not, of all places, in Germany, a customer told me how he fixed this problem!!!
Jack up the car, place the jack stands in place, remove the rear wheels, cut a large hole in both fender walls. Now you can reach the mixture screws, tighten the manifolds, change spark plugs, etc. When finished, cover the cut outs with larger over lapping metal plates and fasten them with a few sheet metal screws.
So, let me get this straight: Every time he needs to adjust the mixture screws, change spark plugs etc. he jacks up the car, positions the jack stands, removes the rear wheels, unscrews the cover plates, do the work, when finished, reinstall the cover plates, remount the rear wheels, jack up the car, remove the jack stands, lower the car to the ground, store the hydraulic jack and jack stands, kick the creeper out of the way and he is finished. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!
FOR HEAVENS SAKE, there has to be a better solution!!!

Let's look at it step by step:

We bolted together a pair of stock VW cylinder heads. This made an excellent fixture displaying to you how the horizontal distance from carb to carb is changing with different Intake Manifolds, including the SPACE SAVER Manifolds.


Here you see a pair of Stock Type CB Performance Intake Manifolds with Weber Carbs mounted on top. 
The widest distance from Carb to Carb is 18.½” inches.

The stock EMPI Manifolds are not only ¾” shorter in heights, but also position the carburetors closer to the Fan Housing. Widest distance from Carb to Carb is 17” inches.


CB Performance SPACE SAVER Manifolds turn the Carbs 180 degree and now all the adjustment screws, fuel inlet, etc. are no longer crushed against the Fender Walls, but facing the Fan Shroud and are so easily accessible. The overall distance from Carb to Carb is also reduced to 15.¾” inches.

You must admit, it is starting to look much better than the German method.


Modified Space Saver Manifolds:
We dedicated TWO Fixtures, allowing us to machine the bottom part of the Manifolds at a different angle, tilting the Manifold CLOSER to the Fan Housing.  The second Fixture will remachine the Top Part of the Manifolds, compensating for the different bottom machining.

I hope CB Performance is viewing this page and introduce NEW Space Saver Manifolds, tilted another 1-1/2" to 2.0". We could install a 2498cc Engine into a 1956 Split Window Beetle without REMOVING the Carbs and Manifolds and having ALL adjustment screws so easily accessible.


The Carburetors are in a leveling position as before but we now have REDUCED the widest distance from Carb to Carb to only 14” inches…THIS IS FANTASTIC!!
Not only have we reduced the distance from stock Manifolds by 4.5” inches, but turned the Carburetors 180° degree around and ALL ADJUSTMENTS can be easily made.

Here is one more Fact that will surprise you:
A 2498cc engine with a 90mm stroke and 94mm pistons is 1.1/4" wider when compared to a Stock Width Engine.  You could easily install a 2498cc Engine into a SPLIT WINDOW or OVAL WINDOW Beetle with an EXTRA 1.5/8"inches clearance for each Carburetor when measured against a STOCK Dual Weber Carbureted Engine. Not to mention the fact, that all carb adjustments are right in front of you.

Concluding Comments:
Space Saver Manifolds can not be used with a Dog House Shroud or 36 HP Shroud.  They can be used with a Slanted or better yet a CENTER MOUNT Shroud or the High Flow Fan Shroud. Since the Linkage is now Reversed, the 18” long air cleaners can longer be used as the Air Bonnets will interfere with the linkage.

Lets see what it looks like on an Engine:

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