Selecting the right Shroud for your Engine!

A Stock 1600cc engine is built with Stock length connecting rods 3.9" and the engine has a standard width. A STROKER engine built with a 78-82-84 etc, stroker crank and longer 5.5" rods is obviously wider than a stock 1600cc engine. When building an engine with 5.7" rods, the engine becomes wider yet.
The Fiberglass Shrouds are not like a rubber band that can be stretched to any length, so we manufactured 9 different width shrouds to accomodate ANY Engine size.

Three Shrouds VW Type I: NO HEATER ...3.9" ...5.5" ...5.7"

Three Shrouds VW Type I: HEATER ...3.9" ...5.5" ...5.7"

Three Shrouds VW Type I: NO HEATER for SUPER FLOW Heads ...3.9" ...5.5" ...5.7"

When ordering a High Flow Fan Kit, it is important for you to specify the Kits PART NUMBER.
In case you are not sure as to what length Shroud Kit you need, we suggest you measure the width of your engine
Please look at the two Photos below:


Place the measuring tape into the deepest part of the engine case and hold a straight line to the top No: 4 exhaust stud.


A stock width Engine with 3.9" Rod length, will measure 7.500" to 7.600" (190mm to 192.5mm)
STROKER Engines built with 5.5" Rods will measure 7.750" to 7.825" (196.5mm to 198mm)
STROKER Engines built with 5.7" Rods will measure 8.100" to 8.250" (206mm to 209mm)

I hope this will assist you when ordering a High Flow Fan Kit, however if this is confusing, or you are not certain, please give us a call or email your concern.

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