Posted on Facebook, Samba and other Sites, I have read with interest some negative comments about the Bergmann High Flow Fan Kits.
NO 1: DON'T BUY IT, it's a very poor design. Due to the absence of vanes inside the shroud, the fan just blows the air against the back wall, the air has nowhere to go and overheats the engine.
NO 2: 1+2 cylinder side gets all the cooling air, making that side of the engine run too COLD, 3+4 side gets very little air and makes that side OVERHEAT. Very inefficient design.
NO 3: The fan is so noisy, you can hardly hear yourself talk.
NO 4: I could not believe it, after testing my engine, the alternator and fan took 50 Horsepower away from my engine.

After 16 years in production, over ten thousand kits installed by individual customers, I have NEVER heard such comments from a single customer. Some customers had this kit on their engine for 16 years.


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Let us take a look at the AIR FLOW inside the shroud!!!



The Alternator-Ring Stand is bolted to the long block, sealing it underneath with the original type paper gaskets and a metal oil deflector plate.
The 3 bolts on the left will fasten the idler pulley bracket to the stand. On the right you see the cut out above the oil dip stick, creating just enough cleareance for pulling the dip stick out of the case.
The center 8mm bolt with washer and locking nut serves as a locating pin, placing the ring in its proper position. Screwing the bolt into the ring's recess hole will prevent the ring from turning to the left or right or push forwards or backwards, FOREVER keeping the serpentine fan belt aligned.
A close-up view of the recess hole drilled into the ring.

I placed the ring on top of the stand (without the alternator and fan), so you can clearly see the proper position, it's functions and how it looks inside the shroud. The CHEVY 110 Amp alternator has a very small diameter. We had to make a new mold with a smaller center ring to accomodate the altermator. This resulted in 22% more airflow. EXCELLENT!!!
The four air directional support posts do exactly that, directing the air flow inside the shroud. Please note that each post has a different angled shape.
The posts are exactly spaced 90 degrees apart. As the 12 blade fan turns clockwise the two UPPER POSTS directing air to the one and two cylinder side. The LOWER POSTS are directing air to the three and four cylinder side. Now, if you take a real close look at the four posts, you can see the shape and angle of them, directing air to each cylinder in the firing order of the engine 1-4-3-2.
The 12 blade aluminum fan is of exceptional quality and far more efficient in cooling the engine when compared to the stock $18.00 flimsy metal fan. Also, due to the increased air flow, it will deliver more heat flow into the car during the winter time.

Excellent Engine Cooling - Top Quality Parts-
Flawless Workmanship. WHAT AN IMPRESSIVE LOOK
You have to admit, it takes a seasoned machinist and concentrated effort machining these parts, a trained eye for detail during assembly and a certain measure of pride in the work, to achieve such tight tolerances between the 12 Blade Fan and the large Aluminum Ring.

NOVEMBER 2006 and SEVEN years later, in NOVEMBER 2013, a Bernie Bergmann High Flow Fan Kit was displayed on the FRONT COVER of HOT VWs MAGAZINE.
The two SHOW QUALITY VW ENGINES, displaying the High Flow Fan Kits had been built by highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable Engine Builders.

Hot VW Cover 2006

Cover image provided courtesy of  Hot VWs Magazine / Wright Publishing Co., Inc. All rights reserved © 2014.


The engine featured on the November 2006 cover is a 2332cc model featuring a Bernie Bergmann High Flow Fan Kit. The owner is Darren Dilley of Surrey, B.C., Canada. The engine builder is Darren Krewenchuk (aka "K-Roc") of Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Hot VW Cover 2013

Cover image provided courtesy of  Hot VWs Magazine / Wright Publishing Co., Inc. All rights reserved © 2014.


The engine featured on the November 2013 cover is a 2443cc model featuring a Bernie Bergmann High Flow Fan kit. The owner is Jason Smith of Canby, Oregon. The engine builder is Pat Downs of CB Performance.

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