Hello VW Friends,
After completing my apprenticeship on Mercedes Benz Motor Cars (1964-1967), I continued working two years as a journeyman mechanic. During that time, I purchased a 1958 VW Beetle and while rebuilding the engine, I realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. SPECIALIZING in repairing and building AIR COOLED VW ENGINES.
On July 30th, 1969 I opened my own shop. Being 27 years old, speaking with a heavy GERMAN accent, a GERMAN NAME (Bernd Bergmann) helped launch my business.
Over the years I had as many as eleven employees, five plus myself dedicated to building engines and six working in my very own CRANKSHAFT manufacturing facility (1989-2004), manufacturing COUNTERWEIGHTED and FULL CIRCLE cranks. In the late 1990's, I began mass-producing a modified PORSCHE 911 STYLE FAN COOLING KIT, which had been popular in EUROPE since the late 60's.
In 2006 I extensively modified the kit once more, utilizing a NEW 110 AMP ALTERNATOR with built-in regulator as well as a SERPENTINE BELT system.
(The alternator is from a CHEVY SILVERADO TRUCK)
To this day, thousands of individuals around the world installed this kit on their engines and are pleased with the superior cooling and downright awesome looks.
Please read the customers testimonials.
Here in the USA, we are blessed with a number of truly professional VW engine builders, who over several decades, in one way or another, contributed to the Overall selection of HIGH PERFORMANCE AIR COOLED VW ENGINES.
As would be true in ANY profession, dedicating over 44 years of your life to it, You learn a thing or two.
If there is anything that interests you on our website, remember, we are only a phone call or email away.

NOTE: The use of the names VW-VOLKSWAGEN-BETTLE-BUG-PORSCHE-PORSCHE 911 FAN by Bernie Bergmann VW Engine Specialist, is solely for the purpose of application and identification. Bernie Bergmann VW Engine Specialist does not wish to infer any connection, either direct or implied, between Bernie Bergmann VW Engine Specialist and the VOLKSWAGEN and PORSCHE factories.


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