The High Flow Fan Shroud has provided us with more room between the backside of the Shroud and the Firewall inside the engine compartment.
We purchase the Aluminum Air Bonnets from CB Performance and modify them to fit the High Flow Shroud. We fabricated a proto type air filter and send it to Uni Filters in Fullerton, CA.
These TWO LAYER FOAM Filters are a ONE Piece construction, reinforced with an internal wire mesh and two inch mounting flanges.  Two Hose Clamps secure the Filter to the Air Bonnets.
The Air Filters are 18” long and 5” in diameter. For EXTRA LONG Stroker Engines, we have 19 ½” long Filters.
The Aluminum Air Bonnets, used in this application, cut 70% of the roaring Carburetor NOISE and delivering THREE Times more Unrestricted Air Flow. These improvements resulted in extremely accurate Air-Fuel Mixture Control.
We DYNO tested a 1915cc engine, Hydraulic lifters and dual 40mm HPMX Carburetors from EMPI.
120 Mains- 200 Air – 52 Idle Jets – F-11 Emulsion Tubes, running the engine under load up to 5500 RPM,
the engine maintained a near Perfect Air-Fuel Ratio 14.4:1 to 14.6:1 (Perfect Ratio is 14.7:1)
This kind of Fuel Mixture Control allows the engine to perform at an optimum and at the same time delivers excellent Gas Mileage.
Please note, our HIGH FLOW AIR FILTERS will only fit the HIGH FLOW FAN HOUSING.


The High Flow Air Filter Kits consists of Two Bottom Base Plates, Thick Rubber Gaskets, Air Bonnets, Mounting Hardware, 18” or 19.5” air Filters and Two Hose Clamps.


Part No: 120-18" High Flow Air Filter-RED $395.95
Part No: 121-18" High Flow Air Filter-BLUE $395.95
Part No: 122-18" High Flow Air Filter-BLACK $395.95


Part No: 123-19.5" High Flow Air Filter-RED $395.95
Part No: 124-19.5" High Flow Air Filter-BLUE $395.95
Part No: 125-19.5" High Flow Air Filter-BLACK $395.95


Let's see what this 18" High Flow Air Filter looks like on an Engine!!!

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In September 2011, a woman phoned me and said: "Mr. Bergmann, I have a bone to pick with you!!!...
Six weeks ago, my husband received your new engine with the Porsche cooling and it is still sitting on my coffee table in the living room. He refuses to install it, all he wants to do is look at it and his working buddies are here every night."
I said: "I don't blame him, I feel the same way. Whenever I finish building an Engine with the High Flow Fan Kit, I take a step back and just look at it and never seem to tire of it.

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