Fully assembled Engine - Heater Type - Customers choice of Color - 3 piece modified Engine Compartment Enclosure Covers -Heater Boxes with welded Flanges - AI Exhaust - 44 HPMX Weber Carburetors - Lubricated Spherical Bearing Linkage - 18" Air Cleaner - High Flow Fan Kit - 110 Amp Alternator - Total Seal Rings - Compufire Electronic Ignition - Hydraulic Lifters - Balanced - Test Run - All adjustments made -
Ready for Installation!


When we build your Engine we take several photos of the building process, parts, etc.
and email them to you.
This is exciting for you and for us!


1776cc - 1835cc - 1915cc.... $7595.00
Stroker Engines from 2010cc to 2387cc....
2243cc - 2498cc From....


Your FREE Options:
Stock or Hydraulic Lifters
Stock or Space Saver Manifolds
Stock or 18" - 19.1/2" long Air Cleaners -RED - BLUE - BLACK
(Space Saver Manifolds must use stock 3.1/2" by 6" Air Cleaners)
Any other options or details, we should discuss on the phone

External Oil Cooler Kits - Clutches - etc. go to

Engine Accessories


Scroll down several pages and enjoy all the detailed Engine photos.
You can see the modificaions, improvements and the workmanship that goes into every engine.
You have to admit, building engines for 44 years is a long, long time!


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