External Oil Cooler Kits

Oil flows from the engine through the Oil Filter, Thermostat, Electric Oil Temp Switch, External Oil Cooler, (72 Plate or 96 Plate Oil Cooler), returns to the Thermostat and back to the engine. This is one of the BEST Methods, cooling the Engine Oil Temperature, maintaining a constant 180 - 190 degree Oil Temperature. For heavy loaded Busses, or driving in extreme HOT climate, a TWO cooler set up is recommended. Considering the overall cost of an engine, the cost for a second cooler is minor.
Starting up the engine for the very FIRST Time, some engine builders say: It's easy, just disconnect the coil wire and CRANK - CRANK - CRANK the engine until you have oil pressure and start up the engine. This is absolutely the WORST method.
Cranking the engine to fill up the entire external oil cooling kit, takes a lot of cranking. Since NO OIL reaches the internal engine parts until the oil returns from the external oil cooler kit, the engine could lock up or cause severe damage to the engine bearings or other parts.
Considering the fact that the Oil Filter is mounted BEFORE the oil cooler, any possible manufacturing debris inside the oil cooler would now be flushed out of the cooler and flushed into the engines oil galleys, causing more damage to the engine than years of driving. IMAGINE spending thousands of Dollars for an engine and with the very first start up, flushing all kinds of debris into the engines oil galleys.
Some engine Builders say: I NEVER crank the engine for the VERY FIRST Engine Start-Up. I use an oil tank with Air Pressure, install a fitting into the Engine case stock oil pressure switch hole and fill the entire engine with oil, not even unscrewing the oil cap.

This is a major improvement over the CRANK-CRANK method. However we have not addressed the possible manufacturing debris inside the oil cooler.
HERE IS OUR METHOD: A heavy duty cast iron electric PRIMER oil pump is provided with EVERY Engine purchased from us, FREE of CHARGE.


As you can see in the photo, here is how to use this PRIMER OIL Pump.
After the completed installation of the external oil cooler kit, do not connect the oil hose to the TWO Hose Barb Fittings on the ENGINES OIL PUMP COVER.
Pour 5 qt. of oil into a bucket, connect the ELECTRJC PRIMER OIL PUMP to the oil hose feed line going to the oil filter. Place the RETURN OIL LINE from the external oil cooler kit into the bucket. NOW, the oil is sucked out of the bucket and RETURNED into the bucket. Flush the entire external oil cooler kit SEVERAL times, flushing out any possible debris and knowing everything is filled with CLEAN OIL.

Now , remove the oil RETURN hose from the bucket and CONNECT to the ENGINE OIL PUMP COVER UPPER Hose Barb Fitting. Now restart the electric primer oil pump.
Oil is now sucked out of the bucket and filling the engines oil galleys. Keep priming until the Electric primer oil pump stops working (due to the oil pressure springs inside the engine).
Now disconnect the oil hose from the electric primer oil pump and connect the oil hose to the BOTTOM HOSE BARB FITTING on the ENGINES OIL PUMP COVER.

Remove the oil cap and fill the engine with oil up to the dip stick mark. During the past 22 years, utilizing these oil coolers, ninety out of a hundred are clean. A few have Dirt inside and ever so often you have one that has so much debris inside, you think they swept the floor and dumped it into the Cooler. What a happy thought, this Dirt ending up under your Crankshaft Bearings.

For you, as an individual, can you think of a better way to start up an engine for the very FIRST time???

  Complete SINGLE OIL COOLER Kit, 72 or 96 Plate Oil Cooler size  
  Complete DUAL OIL COOLER Kit, 72 or 96 Plate Oil Cooler size  
Close up view of Engine Oil Pump Cover And Oil Filter connections
Close up view of Oil Thermostat connections
Close up view of Oil Temperature Sending Unit
Close up view of DUAL Oil Cooler connections
12 Volt- Electric Primer Oil Pump with Grey Suction Hose. Heavy Duty Cast Iron Pump, Delivers 60 psi pressure
72 and 96 plate External Oil Cooler with Electric Fan attached
Close up view of Oil Hose Connetcion to the Engines Oil Pump Cover
2300 PSI High Quality Oil Hose. 10 feet is needed for Single Oil Cooler Kit installation
We only use Kennedy Clutch Plates State: I - II - III and Stock Clutch Disc
Rotary Fuel Pump - 3 PSI Fuel Pressure Excellent Quality. No Fuel Pressure Regulator needed. Mount lower than Gas Tank
72 Plate Oil Cooler with Electric Fan ..........$134.95
96 Plate Oil Cooler with Electric Fan .........$ 156.95
Oil Temperature Switch Unit .................... $ 28.50
Oil Thermostat .......................................$ 78.95
Oil Filter Adaptor with FRAM HP-1 Filter .....$ 36.50
(All above Parts includes 1/2" Hose Barb Fittings )
10 Feet Oil Hose, 2300 PSI Pressure ..........$ 40.00
Heavy Duty Hose Clamps, each ..................$ 2.50
Kennedy Clutch Plates and Disc-200mm ....$146.95
(Stage 1-2-3)
Rotary Electric Fuel Pump, 3 psi ................$88.95
Full Flow Engine Oil Pump 32mm Gears ......$76.95
12 Volt Electric Primer Oil Pump.................$89.95
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