2498cc Among our most expensive and Powerful Engines. Driving this Baby, you need to make Friends with a Chiropractor to have your Neck adjusted once a week.

2498cc: 90mm Full Circle Crankshaft - 5.7" Chromoly H-Beam Rods 6600 RPM Hydraulic Lifter Cam - Total Seal Rings - Super Flow Heads 37.5-44mm Valves - Pauter Roller Rockers 1:3 Ratio - 44 HPMX Websers - Bearing Linkage - High Flow Fan Kit - Compufire Electronic Ignition - A-I No Heater Exhaust - 3 Piece Midified Engine Enclosure Covers, etc., etc.
A Show Engine from A to Z.

2498cc Engine with SUPER FLOW HEADS... $9895.00


Your FREE Options:
Stock or Hydraulic Lifters
19.1/2" long Air Cleaner -RED - BLUE - BLACK
ANY Compression Ratio
Different Exhaust Systems
What Ever could be incorporated

External Oil Cooler Kits - Clutches - Exhaust-, etc. go to

Engine Accessories
Enjoy the photos below

Extremely efficient fit between the 12 blade fan and the large aluminum ring. We used the 0.010" feeler gauge, a 0.012" feeler gauge would not fit under the blade.





1.3 ratio Pauter roller Rocker Shafts. Simply the best money can buy.



Two layer foam, one piece construction air cleaner.



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