Hi Mr. Bergmann
Just thought I'd let you know how the 2387cc doing. This engine is unreal , you talk about torque it climbs a 6% grade a hair above idle at 70 mph in fourth gear. I'm getting pretty good mileage with it 25 mpg climbing that 6% grade for 6 miles just to get home.
This engine finishes off my first car I ever owned a 1962, I bought it in 1969. I put disc brakes all the around and glad I did have this engine in it. It's a good feeling knowing you're going to stop having this much power. The Porsche style fan sure helps keeps the engine cool. I have two remote oil coolers on it because living in the desert it good insurance that the engine will stay cool. That 6% grade was tough on my old engine , no problem with this.
I'm saving my money up to buy a 2387cc long block for my 1970 squareback. I'm sold on your engines I can't buy the parts, put it together and have the guarantee you honor.
I want to thank you for tour of your shop. You have a real nice setup there, everything has it place and real clean. That right there gives me a lot of confidents in the engines.
I'll be in touch with you, keep up the good work.

-Rick Artz 

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