Hi Bernie!
The High Flow kit and with serpentine belt kit on my 2387 EFI engine that you build for me in 2007 its Perfect for for my car, Where I live In Norway It’s a lot of hill climbing everywhere you drive form this Small town (Geiranger) you have to go up the hill 12 % climbing and everyone now that’s hard for a T-1 engine over 180 horse power to get good cooing with the stock cooling tin.But when I drive this car over this mountains now I have much lower head and oil temperature with the High Flow kit then the Old 2332 ccm with stock 30HP W/dog house. So I don’t have to worry any more about the temperature on my engine. I have always used Royal Purple XRP oil on my engines, no leeks and a perfect combinations with the Bergmann Hydraulic liters engines .I can recommend hydraulic lifter engine for street use. Less noise and less valve adjustment.

Thanks for good service Bernie.
-Kai Elling



The best road trip ever!

From middle of Norway to Wolfsburg in august 2012 did 5 guys go to the best
Road trip ever. One 15 Window split bus with 2387 hydraulic Bernie Bergmann engine and
One Early Bay ex Fire Bus with 2387 hydraulic Bernie Bergmann engine.
As we cruising down the freeway in Germany in 70-80 mph it was problem to
Get people's attention.
We drown 3300 km trouble free km in ours buses. The only thing we had to do was to fill GAS
And check the oil. So that was nice to trust the old buses as we were so far from home.
As we cruising at the freeway in 60-70 mph my bus used 0,9 liter gas pr 10 km.
With 3 guys in the bus and full off package that's god.
One week on tour around in Germany and some days in Vw capital Wolfsburg.
This trip was a good test for the Bernie Bergmann engines.
No lekking oil or trouble at all.
This is my 3 Bergmann engine. one in my Oval Beetle one in my 15 Window and one in my split crew cab.

Thanks Bernie For good service and good engines.
Take Care
Kai Elling Os


Hi Bernie!
When we was flying down the freeway in germany in 60-70 Mph i drove 31,5 miles one one galon .thats not bad on a fully load bus.
Take care



Hi Bernie!
Just have to send you an up date.
My crew cab came back from the Paint shop last nigth. And i am looking Forward to put the new black engine from you into the crew cab. This weekend is one big vw meeting in Oslo in Norway i am on my way there
With my red bus. Hope you and your wife had a nice Summer. My wife and I is waiting a new child in nowember. so this trip is probly this years last trip with the VW guys.
First start up and trip with my crew cab 1966.The engine run just greate.
Take care

-Kai Elling


Hi Bernie!

I just started restoring my 1955 23w samba. So i may need a new engine from you.
Have a nice weekend.
Soon winter here in Norway

-Kai Elling

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